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I like storms. They let me know that even the sky screams too.


So excited to be able to see this on the big screen, a live orchestral screening (performed by The Florida Orchestra) in Tampa, Florida this Friday February 28th and then the next night March 1st in St Petersburg.

This scene now known as the “Dance of the Rolls” was originally  called the “Oceana Roll” via intertitle card.

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“I’m a writer” I whisper as I look up war statistics

“I’m a writer” I whisper as I look up when the blender was invented

“I’m a writer” I whisper as I figure out how many times you can get shot without dying

“I’M A WRITER” I shout when someone uses my laptop and I left the page open to stab-wound references.

“I’M A WRITER!” I yell as I stare at a wall for hours instead of actually writing.

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I undress like I’ve come
home bloodied from war,
and I have. I have. I wipe
your sweat and mine off of
my collar and find the bites
I begged you for. You’ve
won this round (or maybe
we’ve both lost because I know
you didn’t want this). I spend
the next two days pulling
you like shrapnel out of
my chest. I keep the pieces
as proof that I didn’t give
up without a fight.
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